James Taylor's Shocked and Amazed! On & Off the Midway Vol 9


James Taylor's Shocked and Amazed! On & Off the Midway Vol 9


A publication created by James Taylor, "the world's foremost authority on sideshow". This is a peridocal full of fascinating information and tidbits entirely devoted sideshow, novelty acts and a plethora of other types of variety exhibitions. 

Condition: New

In This issue

  • Zamora the Torture King Cridland interview
  • Manuel King (once billed as the World's Youngest Animal Trainer when he was 10yrs. old back in the '30s) interview
  • Excerpt from RATTLING YOURS - THE STORY OF SNAKE KING (the man who supplied pretty much all the carnival shows with the bulk of their exotic animals)
  • Excerpt from John Strausbaugh's BLACK LIKE YOU (historical origins of minstrelsy)
  • Medicine shows! 
  • Hubert's Museum: Dime After Dime 
  • Next installment of The Strand; on variety entertainment at the turn of the century
  • Next installment of Walt Hudson's Coney Island Baby
  • History of Ken Harck's Bros. Grim Sideshow photo essay
  • Joseph Pujol (yeah, Le Petomane) and our discovery that, in spite of the urban myth to the contrary, he really existed (as opposed to: he was a hoax) and f*rted for a living
  • Carny Lingo
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